Walmart Awarded Patent for Crypto-Powered Energy Consumption Management System

U.S. retail big Walmart has received a patent for the advancement of an electrical grid that will be run by Bitcoin (BTC) or other electronic currency, in accordance to a patent application printed June 14 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Place of work (USPTO).

The system is made to help companies greater deal with electrical power intake and regulate demand from customers on an electrical grid working with a publicly dispersed transactions ledger. Walmart at first submitted the patent in December 2017.

The patent suggests that both equally households and big companies can use a blockchain-centered network of electrical power-consuming products. Subsequently, they can assign every single device a distinct amount of money of BTC or any other approved cryptocurrency, which can be made use of to purchase electrical power from a utility vendor. The doc further explains:

“Each unit cryptocurrency may well stand for a unit or a portion of a unit of electrical power. For illustration, if 1 cryptocurrency unit is established to be equal to 1 kWh, the service provider interface module 131 may well acquire a capped complete amount of money of cryptocurrency of 800 for a thirty day period to invest on acquiring 800 kWh of electrical power.”

It states that the products on the network are capable to share resources concerning every single other if a device exceeded its allotment of cryptocurrency, in get to make sure it continues operating for the duration of the billing interval. The blockchain-centered system will also suggest which device consumes a lot more electricity compared to others.

Based on the exact basic principle, the networks can guidance every single other if just one consumes a lot less electrical power.

The remaining volume can be dispersed with other networks, or it can be programmed to offer the excessive cryptocurrency or keep it for the following billing.

The patent suggests that “the utilization of the cryptocurrency may well be operated impartial of a central databases system, these kinds of as a central lender, a central management system, or central authority operated by the electrical power service provider.”

Walmart has applied for a variety of patents to integrate blockchain know-how into its offer chain cycles, like a support that would history a customer’s buys in a blockchain ledger, enabling the buyer to resell the goods on a sales platform working with the history of purchase. Walmart’s “Smart Package” patent employs a blockchain-centered tool to observe package deal contents, environmental disorders, location, and other aspects. The corporation is also finding suppliers to place foods on a blockchain, which it suggests will cut down waste, as perfectly as enhance contamination management and transparency.

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