Young and successful: Generation Z changes cryptoworld



All we know Vitalik Buterin, a genius man who invented Ethereum, the world’s second-most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. And he was only about 20 then.

This year crypto world can get another talented “kid” — a young mind that intends to make a break-through in the field of cryptocurrency funds and investments. Quite serious, right? Well, it is.

Fund Platform — a fintech project that makes the process of creating and managing crypto funds easy, fast and secure– was founded by an ambitious youngster from Russia (interesting coincidence here, agree?) Nikita Shevchenko.

On 25 December Fund Platform team successfully finished the presale collecting $275 840 (while the soft cap was $150 000). That proves the interest from both crypto community and big investors in Fund Platform.

Even now before the project actually launches ICO, Fund Platform is much more than just a promising idea. All the willing can take a look at the MVP available on the project’s website.

Now young Mr. Shevchenko together with the team have huge plans and a lot of work to do. Develop the platform and prepare for the next round — ICO that will be held in the first quarter of 2018.

Seeing Fund Platform potential, it’s quite possible that we will find Nikita Shevchenko name on the list of “Top young entrepreneurs” somewhere in Forbes just in few years.

Thanks for your support during presale!

Your Fund Platform team!

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